Question: Where Does St John Live In Jane Eyre?


John is living at Moor House with his sisters Diana and Mary; he works as the clergyman in the nearby town of Morton while preparing to go to India on a missionary trip.


What does St John represent in Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre Characters

Jane often describes Rochester’s eyes as flashing and flaming, whereas she constantly associates St. John with rock, ice, and snow. Marriage with Rochester represents the abandonment of principle for the consummation of passion, but marriage to St. John would mean sacrificing passion for principle.

How do you pronounce St John in Jane Eyre?

The first thing to explain about St. John Rivers is how to pronounce his first name, “St. John.” It’s not “Saint John,” although of course that’s what it means; it’s pronounced “SIN-jun.” Don’t ask us why this is; the English have this adorable accent.

Why does Jane not marry St John?

St. John wants Jane to marry him, move to India and become a missionary with him. He believes she would make a good missionary wife because of her character and commitment. He therefore decides not to act on any feelings he has for her and asks Jane to marry him.

What is the Moor House in Jane Eyre?

The setting of Moor House in Charlotte Bronte’s 1847 masterpiece, Jane Eyre, plays a vital role in Jane’s emerging independence and individuality. Jane Eyre is a bildungsroman, or novel of development. It’s at Moor House that Jane comes into her own as a fully-formed individual with a free will.

Is St John Jane Eyre cousin?

Mary Rivers – Mary Rivers is Jane’s cousin, the sister of St. John and Diana. Rosamond gives money to the school in Morton where Jane works. Although she is in love with St. John, she becomes engaged to the wealthy Mr. Granby. John Eyre – John Eyre is Jane’s uncle, who leaves her his vast fortune of 20,000 pounds.

Why is John pronounced Sinjin?

Sinjin is actually an attempt to represent phonetically the now rare name “St. John.” As a given-name, “St. John” is sometimes pronounced as [SIN-jin] or [SIN-jun] in the UK. The name has no ‘meaning’ in and of itself, but its usage is typically in honor of St. John the Baptist or St. John the Evangelist.

Why is Saint John pronounced Sinjin?

It can be pronounced as “sinjun” when in a surname too, e.g. Norman St John-Stevas. Maybe it’s a matter of because of the fact that a given name is used much more often than a surname, especially by children, that “sinjin” just developed as a shortcut.

What religion is St John Jane Eyre?

St. John’s feelings about Christianity are revealed in his sermons, which have a “strictly restrained zeal” that shows his bitterness and hardness. While Rochester vents his passions, St. John represses his. The iciness of St. John’s character is most pronounced in his relationship with Rosamond Oliver.

What does Sinjin mean?

What does Sinjin mean? Sinjin as a boys’ name is pronounced SIN-jin. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Sinjin is “God is gracious”. A phonetic spelling of the English pronunciation of Saint John.