Question: What Do You Wear On An Avalon River Cruise?

Clothing & Dress Code

Onboard and onshore dress codes are casual.

Please bring comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing.

Dinner attire is casual—open-neck shirts and slacks for men; slacks, skirts, or dresses for ladies.

Coats and ties may be worn if preferred.

What is the dress code on Avalon River Cruises?

In the dining room a dress code of open neck shirts, trousers, dresses, coats and ties is appropriate, the only thing that you can’t wear is shorts, but that’s only at dinner! Avalon also suggest bringing a sturdy pair of walking shoes for the excursions. Now you know everything you need to know about Avalon!

What do you wear on a Rhine River cruise?

A good choice for what to wear on a Rhine River cruise is something warmer over your top or dress, like a sweater or a waterfall cardigan. On warm evenings wear something for wows, like a little black dress.

Are gratuities included on Avalon River Cruises?

Avalon Waterways leaves gratuities to the discretion of the passengers; it suggests 3 euros per person, per day for the cruise director and 12 euros per person, per day, for the crew, which is distributed equally to all crew members. Passengers can prepay gratuities or pay individuals with cash while onboard.

Is there a dress code on Viking River Cruises?

There are no formal nights on Viking so there’s no need for long dresses for women or dinner jackets for men (even neckties are discretionary). Instead the dress code is “elegant casual,” which can mean anything from a sundress in the Caribbean—to slacks and a blouse for women cruising in colder climates.