What Do You Wear For A Dinner On A River Cruise?

At dinner, most women wear tops and slacks (or dresses); men opt for casual (or collared) shirts with long trousers.

River cruises have no “formal nights” although some people dress up (evening casual) for a farewell or Captain’s dinner.

What is the dress code for Uniworld River Cruises?

Uniworld River Cruises Dress Code

Smart casual clothing is the appropriate cruise attire during the day on a Uniworld river cruise. During the evening, at dinner, men may wear sport coats and women may wear cocktail dresses or a pantsuit.

What do you wear on a Rhine River cruise?

A good choice for what to wear on a Rhine River cruise is something warmer over your top or dress, like a sweater or a waterfall cardigan. On warm evenings wear something for wows, like a little black dress.

What is the dress code on Avalon River Cruises?

In the dining room a dress code of open neck shirts, trousers, dresses, coats and ties is appropriate, the only thing that you can’t wear is shorts, but that’s only at dinner! Avalon also suggest bringing a sturdy pair of walking shoes for the excursions. Now you know everything you need to know about Avalon!