Quick Answer: What Do I Need To Take My Dog To Ireland?

If you are coming from a non-qualifying high-risk country your pet must: Be microchipped (this must be done before anything else) Be vaccinated for rabies subsequently.

Have a blood test after the rabies vaccination at least 3 months before entry.

Can I take my dog to Ireland without a pet passport?

Pet Passport requirements and Government regulations. Irish Ferries participates in the Pet Travel Scheme. This is a Government controlled system that allows movement of dogs, cats and ferrets within EU member states without quarantine restrictions. Motorists and foot -passengers may bring their pet with them.

Does my dog need a rabies vaccination to go to Ireland?

Rabies – All dogs, cats, and ferrets must have a current Rabies vaccination (administered at least 21 days prior to entry into Ireland). Vaccination Against Rabies), signed, dated and stamped.

Can I take my dog to Northern Ireland from UK?

There is no need for a pet passport (or any other special preparations) to take your dog to Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. A pet passport is only required when you are crossing national borders. P&O also explicitly state “you don’t need a pet passport to take your pet on our Irish Sea routes” (i.e.

Can I bring my dog to France from Ireland?

Pets that are not pre-booked in kennels will not be permitted to travel. If a return booking is made Ireland to France, a return booking must be made for the pet. If a pet is not returning it will be necessary to provide evidence of this or the pet and passenger may be refused travel.

Can I take my dog on a plane to Ireland?

All household pets (cats & dogs only) travelling to Ireland from North America must travel as cargo. Contact our North American Pet Desk 1 (888) 578-4806 or via email to make arrangements to ship your pet(s) to Ireland. Animals cannot be shipped from North America on Fridays or Saturdays.

Can you bring a dog to Ireland?

Notice must be given 24 hours prior to arrival. Pets are only permitted to enter Ireland from a high-rabies country if they are accompanied by their owner or a legal representative of the owner. All dogs, cats and ferrets may enter Ireland commercially from a rabies-free or rabies-controlled countries.

Can you take a dog to Ireland from USA?

If you’re coming from the from the United States for non-commercial reasons and you want to bring your dog, you’ll have to travel under the rules regarding bringing a pet into Ireland from a qualifying, lower-risk, non-EU country. Receive a rabies vaccination at least 21 days before travel.

Can I move to Ireland?

The visa is all important to move to Ireland. US citizens can travel to Ireland without a visa for three months but any plan to stay longer than that and you have three main options: go to Ireland to work, to study, or to retire.

Do pets need passports?

To secure the pet passport, the dog must receive a rabies shot and/or a certificate denoting an up-to-date rabies vaccination. The vet will also fit the animal with an electronic microchip or tattoo that properly identifies the dog. The PETS policy and requirements typically apply to cats as well.

Can I take a dog to Ireland from UK?

Pets from EU member states

If you want to import a cat, dog or ferret into Ireland from any EU member state including the UK, the pet animal must have an EU Pet Passport, (this document is the same throughout the EU). The pet is travelling from an eligible country. The pet is identified by an implanted microchip.

Can I take my dog to Northern Ireland from UK Stena Line?

Can I take my pet to Ireland or Britain with me? Car Passengers: Cats and dogs may travel in your car free of charge on the Irish Sea. Kennels are available to pre-book on all of our Irish Sea routes at no extra charge (excluding Belfast-Liverpool) on the “Stena Plus & Onboard Extras” step of the booking process.

Do you need a dog passport for Northern Ireland?

The claim that you need a valid EU passport for travelling with your dog from Northern Ireland to Ireland is true. Along with a passport, your pet should be marked by a transponder (microchip) and vaccinated against rabies.

What do I need to take my dog to France?

What do you need to take your dog to France?

  • Pet microchip. If you want to enter France, then you need to have your dog microchipped with an ISO 15-digit pet microchip.
  • Rabies vaccination.
  • Rabies Titer Test.
  • Entering France by air.
  • Banned breeds.
  • Get your dog a passport.

Is it expensive to bring a dog on a plane?

A dog doesn’t need an airline ticket, per se; the dog won’t be assigned its own seat. But for passengers who want to travel with their pets, airlines do charge pet fees. The fee is separate from your own ticket. Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200 each way.

Can you take a dog on Eurostar?

Eurostar makes an exception for guide dogs but does not currently allow passengers to travel with pets or animals. A spokesman said: “Trains allow pets either side of the Channel and by car through Eurotunnel, but for those without a vehicle, there is little option.

Which airlines allow dogs in cabin?

8 Airlines That Allow Pets In-Cabin & What You Need to Know Before You Fly

  1. Air Canada. aircanada. 789.9k followers.
  2. Air France. Types of pet allowed: Small dogs and cats.
  3. American Airlines. americanair.
  4. Delta. delta.
  5. JetBlue. jetblue.
  6. Southwest. southwestair.
  7. United. united.
  8. Alaska Air. alaskaair.

How can I bring my dog on a plane?

If transporting your pet by air is the only option, find out whether they can travel in the cabin with you. Most airlines will allow you to take a cat or small dog in the cabin for an additional fee. But you must call the airline well in advance; there are limits to the number of animals allowed in the cabin.

Can I send my dog on a flight without me?

The first three have cargo services but do not transport live animals. In terms of requirements, shipping an animal is pretty similar to checking one as baggage. Note that short-nosed dogs, such as pugs and boxers, are not usually permitted in the cargo hold during the summer months, if at all.