Quick Answer: When Can I Buy Dunkaroos?

Does Aldis have Dunkaroos?

Earlier this year, Dunkaroos announced that the nostalgic 1990s snack food would be returning to grocery stores, and in August, Dunkaroos will officially be at Aldi..

When can you buy Dunkaroos?

According to the brand, the Dunkaroos were set to hit shelves at participating 7-Eleven stores in late May, but as of May 15, fans were posting photos of the cookies spotted on the shelves of the convenience store. You can buy Dunkaroos at 7-Eleven for $1.99 per 1.5-ounce tray, or you can get two packs for $3.

Are Dunkaroos at Walmart?

Dunkaroos, Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting, 6 ct. – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Can I buy Dunkaroos?

Last month, Dunkaroos were available in 7-Elevens all over. Although they’re officially no longer available in the convenience store, you can still get your hands on the popular ’90s snack online.

Are Oreo Dunkaroos real?

Yes, the Dunkaroo version of Oreos exist and they’re called “Cookie Sticks ‘n Creme Dip.” Apparently, they’ve been around for a while now and you can buy them at Target, Walmart and even Amazon.

Does Target sell Dunkaroos?

Dunkaroos on Twitter: “We’ve been spotted at Target!… ”

Are the new Dunkaroos kosher?

Are Dunkaroos Kosher? Dunkaroos are now Kosher! Please always check product packaging for Kosher certification information.

When did Dunkaroos stop being sold?

2012Dunkaroos haven’t been available in the U.S. since Betty Crocker (which is owned by General Mills) stopped selling them in 2012. After the snack’s untimely demise, super fans could travel to Canada for some Dunkaroos or try to pretend Walmart’s store-brand version, Dunk ‘N Crunch, tasted the same.

Why is Dunkaroos not made anymore?

Take Dunkaroos’ north-of-the-border saga. They were only discontinued in Canada in 2018 (via Snack History), and that’s not long after new regulations took effect in 2015. According to The Globe and Mail, that’s when companies were given new restrictions on advertising unhealthy treats directly to children under 12.

Are Dunkaroos coming back in 2020?

Dunkaroos returning to shelves in summer 2020, social media rejoices. … General Mills, the creator of this school-lunch dessert staple of old, has announced that Dunkaroos will be returning to grocery store shelves this summer, making it the latest brand to try and capitalize on 90s nostalgia.

Where can I buy Dunkaroos 2020?

They tweeted a video with the caption “Definitely coming back. Summer 2020.” The Dunkaroos website confirmed the details, saying, “Dunkaroos will be on shelves at participating 7-Eleven stores in late May and rolling out to other convenience stores and grocery retailers nationwide in July.”

Do they still sell Dunkaroos in Canada?

The product was discontinued in the United States in 2012 but continued to be sold in Canada. … DunkAroos continued being sold in Canada until January 2018, with no comment by General Mills. In December 2019 Dunkaroos were brought back unofficially by Nestlé with a chocolate-hazelnut flavour.

Are the new Dunkaroos different?

The 2020 version of Dunkaroos debuts in just one flavor: vanilla cookies with vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles. This is actually a change from the OG, first flavor of Dunkaroos that used cinnamon graham cookies. … The rainbow chip frosting has always been a Betty Crocker speciality and it’s so amazingly delicious.

Where are Dunkaroos sold in Canada?

Betty Crocker Vanilla Rainbow Dunkaroos Snack | Walmart Canada.

Does Walmart sell Dunkaroos?

Betty Crocker Brand Dunkaroos Vanilla – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Are Dunkaroos coming back to Canada in 2020?

Your summer 2020 plans: a trip to the U.S. to get Dunkaroos. By now you’ve probably heard all the hype about an iconic ’90s snack coming back this year. … In a statement to Narcity, a spokesperson for General Mills said that at this time there are no “plans to relaunch Dunkaroos in Canada.”