Quick Answer: What Does It Mean When Someone Says You Look Distinguished?

How can I be a distinguished man?

How to Be a Distinguished GentlemanConfident and charismatic in social situations.Charming when you interact with ladies.Well dressed in the appropriate fashion for whatever the occasion is.Successful in your career or business endeavours.Always well groomed.Well mannered and courteous, but also assertive and strong.More items….

What does a distinguished man mean?

The definition of distinguished is an important, dignified, classy person. An example of a distinguished man is the character “Big” from Sex and the City or a movie actor like Cary Grant. adjective.

What is the meaning of take a look?

Take-a-look definitions (idiomatic, intransitive) To examine or observe.

How do you use distinguished in a sentence?

Distinguished sentence examplesHe’s a Spanish gentleman, very distinguished looking. … One morning a distinguished looking Spanish man was walking out of the room as she entered. … He looked even more distinguished than usual in his Spanish garb. … The two distinguished authors were very gentle and kind, and I could not tell which of them I loved best.More items…

What makes a person distinguished?

Being distinguished is a good thing: it implies good behavior, sharp dress, and an excellent reputation. Usually, someone distinguished is older: distinguished people are wise, accomplished, and professional-looking — and usually have an impressive reputation to match. …