Is UCLA In A Safe Area?

With regard to general security concerns, UCLA appears to be a safe campus, it has its own police department, and security support.

Westwood is a plenty safe area, there are a lot of police around and that includes federal law enforcement, I mean the FBI and lots of other agencies are by the veteran cemetery.

What is the most dangerous area of Los Angeles?

The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods of Los Angeles

RankNeighborhoodPer Capita
1Chesterfield Square183.3
2Harvard Park129.5
3Vermont Knolls128.4
4Vermont Vista127.4

46 more rows

What is the most dangerous university?

Ivory Tower Incidents: America’s Most Dangerous Universities

  • UCLA has the highest number of burglaries among all universities of 10,000 students or more, at 84 total reported incidents in 2016.
  • At #1 on the list of the most dangerous universities is the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Is USC in a dangerous area?

The problem around USC isn’t hate crime, it’s good ol’ regular crime. For those who don’t know, USC is very close to the neighborhood known as South Los Angeles, formerly known as South Central Los Angeles. Generally speaking, the streets immediately around USC aren’t so bad.

What are the most dangerous college campuses?

The Most Dangerous Colleges In America

  1. #25 Florida State University — Tallahassee.
  2. #24 University of California — Riverside.
  3. #23 Arkansas State University — Jonesboro.
  4. #22 State University of New York College — Buffalo.
  5. #21 North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.
  6. #20 Western Illinois University.
  7. #19 California State University — Fresno.

What should I avoid in Los Angeles?

Where To Avoid When Visiting Los Angeles

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What are the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles?

Here are a few of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles for families.

  1. Miracle Mile. With a population of about 5,500, Miracle Mile, which is part of the Mid-Wilshire community, is located just west of downtown LA.
  2. Beverly Hills.
  3. Boyle Heights.
  4. Sherman Oaks.
  5. Palms.
  6. Tarzana.
  7. Mar Vista.