Quick Answer: How Do I Travel Internationally With A Service Dog?

Service Dog Requirements for Common International Destinations

  • Proof of rabies vaccination at least 15 days prior to entry. Will accept a 3-year rabies vaccination entering from the US or Canada.
  • Proof of treatment for internal and external parasites within the last 6 months.
  • Health certificate from your veterinarian.

Can service dogs fly internationally?

Traveling with service dogs means following different airline procedures for the most part, as airlines often allow pets in the cabin in these instances. Typically service animals need to fit on the floor in front of the passenger chair (and can’t sit on the seat), and they travel free of charge.

How do you travel with a service dog?

To travel with an emotional support / psychiatric service animal in the cabin, you must submit all required forms to the Special Assistance Desk at least 48 hours before your flight. We’ll notify you upon document approval. If you don’t complete or meet all the requirements, your animal may be able to fly as a pet.

Can you take a service dog to Europe?

Bringing Your Pets To Europe Is Now Easy. Bringing pets to the European Union (EU) from the U.S. or Canada is much easier than it once was. For dogs and cats, especially, the days of long quarantines are gone, paperwork is standardized, and—once within the EU—a “pet passport” valid throughout the EU can be issued.

Can service dogs fly for free?

Federal regulations allow a legitimate emotional support animal, whether it be a dog, a cat, a pot-bellied pig or even a miniature horse in one case, to travel on airplanes in the cabin with the owner, outside of a carrier, and for free if the owner has proper documentation, which means a letter from a doctor or other

Can emotional support animals fly internationally?

Service animals are welcome to fly on Frontier Airlines flights without charge. The only animals that will be accepted as emotional support animals are dogs and cats. One ESA is permitted per passenger. Most behave appropriately around other animals and passengers and be under control of owner at all times.

Can airlines charge for service dogs?

Service animals can travel free of charge on Delta. The airline does not usually require travelers with a service animal to provide documentation. However, when flying with your service dog, the animal is expected to behave properly and follow the commands of its owner.