Does Easy Jet Allow Dogs?

Live animals, including pets, insects, reptiles, or any other form of livestock, are not permitted on easyJet flights, with the exception of service dogs on all UK domestic flights and on all flights starting and finishing within mainland Europe (excluding UK routes).

Which airlines allow dogs in cabin?

8 Airlines That Allow Pets In-Cabin & What You Need to Know Before You Fly

  • Air Canada. aircanada. 789.9k followers.
  • Air France. Types of pet allowed: Small dogs and cats.
  • American Airlines. americanair.
  • Delta. delta.
  • JetBlue. jetblue.
  • Southwest. southwestair.
  • United. united.
  • Alaska Air. alaskaair.

Can I take my dog on easyJet flight?

EasyJet, Ryanair and don’t carry animals and will only transport service animals from some airports. Pets are transported in the hold (not in the cabin or as excess luggage) Monday to Friday only.

Which UK airlines allow dogs?

You are allowed cats, dogs, and ferrets on Flybe flights only within the UK, but unless they are an assistant dog they will have to fly in the hold.


  1. Aegean Airlines.
  2. Aeroflot Russian Airlines.
  3. Aeromexico.
  4. Air Baltic Corporation.
  5. Air Canada.
  6. Air Europa.
  7. Air France – KLM.
  8. Air Malta.

How much does it cost to fly with a dog?

A dog doesn’t need an airline ticket, per se; the dog won’t be assigned its own seat. But for passengers who want to travel with their pets, airlines do charge pet fees. The fee is separate from your own ticket. Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200 each way.