Does Carnival Cruise Allow Service Dogs?

Bringing Pets Onboard.

We are sorry but pets are not permitted onboard.

Carnival Cruise Line only permits service/working dogs on board our ships.

Therapy/companion or service dogs in training are not permitted onboard.

Can service dogs go on Carnival cruise ships?

Carnival Cruise Lines only permits service/working dogs onboard, a working/service dog is legally defined and is trained to meet the disability related need. We do not allow guests to sail with therapy/companion dogs or service dogs in training.

Can you bring service dogs on a cruise?

Carnival Cruise Lines-Service dogs are welcome on board. Carnival does not allow live animals onboard other than service animals. Guests must give at least 14 days advance notice if they are bringing a service animal on board.

Can you take an emotional support animal on a cruise?

Norwegian Cruise Line NCLH, -0.19% does not accept emotional support animals onboard its ships, and neither does Carnival Corp. CCL, -0.33%, but they do allow service animals. On Carnival ships, trained and certified service animals as defined by the U.S. Department of Justice can accompany passengers.