Quick Answer: Can I Take My Dog To Ikea UK?

Adriane Zane tweeted: ‘This is brilliant.

German IKEA has #Dog Parking Lot so no dogs in hot cars.

Good idea!’ But shoppers should be warned not to take pets to its shops in UK yet as the facility has not been made available at British stores.

Can I bring my dog to IKEA?

I’ve definitely noticed more stores rolling out the welcome mat to dogs. I see small dogs in the trendy home store, Ikea, from time to time, although they’re not technically allowed. The pets are left unattended, so there’s no stopping someone from stealing a dog or feeding the pups something they shouldn’t have.

Are dogs allowed in Sainsburys?

Welcome to Sainsbury’s home

Absolutely! Assistance dogs are welcome in all our stores and petrol stations.

Can you take dogs in shops?

There is no specific legislation around dogs in shops, whatever the business. Whether dogs are allowed in businesses, cafes, restaurants, pubs etc is entirely down to the owner. The only area they are not allowed under law, is food preparation areas. So they can go into a cafe/restaurant, but not into the kitchen.

Is H&M Dog friendly?

Both allow dogs within their four walls. And most surprisingly, even the Apple store will allow you to bring your pup to check out H&M the latest and greatest in tech.