Can I Drive Myself To Dialysis?

If you drive before starting dialysis, then you can continue to do so once you have started treatment.

When you first start dialysis, you may feel weak or a little unsteady after treatment.

It is best to have someone pick you up after dialysis for the first week.

After that, you may resume driving as you feel able.

Is it OK to miss dialysis?

For some people the toxin levels in the blood build up very rapidly between treatments and if a dialysis treatment were missed the toxins and fluid could reach a point where they made you very unwell and could potentially be fatal. Missing more than one treatment in a row is always dangerous.

How much does dialysis treatment cost?

It requires patients to set aside three to five hours for treatment plus travel to and from the center three times a week. One year of hemodialysis can cost up to $72,000, while a year of peritoneal dialysis costs about $53,000, according to information from the U.S. Renal Data System.

How long do dialysis patients live?

5-10 years

What is the survival rate for dialysis patients?

After one year of treatment, those on dialysis have a 20-25% mortality rate, with a 5-year survival rate of 35%.