Quick Answer: Can I Bring A Dog On A Train?

Now, Amtrak is changing that policy thanks to a bill that requires Amtrak to accept dogs and cats as passengers on their trains.

The bill sets up a pilot program that requires Amtrak to allow pets in at least one train car as carry-on baggage.

Any dog that is too large will not be allowed to ride.

Can you take dog on the train?

Small Pets, weighing up to 10kg – travel free of charge. They must travel in a carrier which should be places in the baggage area next to the passenger. Dogs, weighing more than 10 kg – can travel on trains but must be booked on to the service directly with Italo.

How strict is Amtrak pet policy?

Amtrak’s new pet policy isn’t without its rules, however. For an additional $25, passengers are permitted just one pet each, which can weigh no more than 20 pounds. The pet’s carrier, in which the animal must remain while onboard, is also included in that weight limit.

Can pet dogs travel on trains?

If at any point of the journey, the fellow passengers object to the dog remaining in the compartment, your pet will be immediately removed to the Guard’s van and no refund will be provided. Dogs cannot be carried in the compartment when you are travelling in AC Sleeper coaches, AC chair car or second class coaches.