Quick Answer: Can A Landlord Say No Smoking Outside In Ontario?


It is legal in Ontario for a landlord to ban smoking in private units.

Just as smokers step outside public places and workplaces for a cigarette, so too would they for a no-smoking residential building.

Can a landlord say no smoking in Ontario 2018?

Landlords. As landlords and property managers, you have the choice to take action that goes above and beyond the provisions of Ontario’s smoke-free legislation. A smoke-free policy is a clause in the lease that prohibits smoking in the units (including balconies) and or the entire property.

Can a landlord say no pets in Ontario 2019?

Time to move on and continue the search? Not necessarily. First, you should know that Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act does not permit landlords to include “no pet” clauses in rental agreements. The only exception is if the property is a condominium and the condominium corporation’s declaration prohibits pets.

Can a landlord tell you not to smoke outside?

Because smokers are not a protected class under federal or state law, as a landlord you can refuse to rent to smokers. So, if you are interested in keeping your rental property 100% smoke-free, it is not illegal for you to refuse smoking tenants.

Can landlord prohibit smoking?

Many state and local laws prohibit smoking in workplaces and public spaces, and restrict or prohibit it in multiunit residential properties. If no state or local smoking law applies to a property, the lease or rental agreement controls whether and where a tenant can smoke on the premises.