Can A Landlord Say No Pets In Ontario 2019?

First, you should know that Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act does not permit landlords to include “no pet” clauses in rental agreements.

Second, a landlord can refuse to rent to a person who has a pet.

It’s unfortunate, but true.

The protections provided to pet guardians apply only to tenants.

Are landlords allowed to say no pets in Ontario?

A landlord is allowed to ask if you have pets when you move in. But, after you move in, your landlord cannot evict you just for having a pet, even if your rental agreement has a “no‑pets” clause. In Ontario, no‑pets clauses in rental agreements are void. This means they cannot be enforced.

Can a landlord legally say no pets?

Generally the landlord cannot even enter the home without giving the tenant notice except in an emergency, unless the lease specifies otherwise. Even if your lease does not allow pets, you may have a legal right to keep your pet.

Can a landlord say no smoking?

A landlord may include a “No Smoking” clause in the rental agreement. A tenant could even sign it. However, if they later smoke, you cannot evict them just because they broke their promise. The “No Smoking” clause is null and void.

Can you get evicted for having a pet BC?

Guide dogs: If you have a dog that falls under the Guide Dog and Service Dog Act, your landlord must allow it and cannot require a pet damage deposit. If you are allowed to have a pet, your landlord can require a pet damage deposit of up to half the monthly rent.