Question: Are Service Dogs Allowed On Trains?

On Amtrak trains, they allow service animals that have been trained to perform specific tasks for the person with a disability.

They are allowed on Amtrak trains, but as pets, not service dogs, and must follow the carry-on pet guidelines to be able to travel.

How strict is Amtrak pet policy?

Amtrak’s new pet policy isn’t without its rules, however. For an additional $25, passengers are permitted just one pet each, which can weigh no more than 20 pounds. The pet’s carrier, in which the animal must remain while onboard, is also included in that weight limit.

What is Amtrak pet policy?

Only cats and dogs up to 20 pounds (including the carrier) are welcome; they need to be able to fit inside a carrier that can be placed under the seat of the pet parent. Pets can only travel on trips up to seven hours. For more information on traveling with pets on Amtrak, visit

Can you take a dog on an Amtrak train?

Now, Amtrak is changing that policy thanks to a bill that requires Amtrak to accept dogs and cats as passengers on their trains. The bill sets up a pilot program that requires Amtrak to allow pets in at least one train car as carry-on baggage. Any dog that is too large will not be allowed to ride.

Can you bring a service dog on a bus?

Pets & Service Animals

The service animal must ride in the bus within the customer’s space. Service animals may not travel in the aisle or occupy a seat, but the service animal may sit on the customer’s lap.

Can you take a large dog on a train?

Transporting animals by train

Passengers may take with them, free of charge and subject to conditions below, dogs, cats and other small animals (maximum two per passenger) provided they do not endanger or inconvenience passengers or staff. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times unless contained in a basket.

Can emotional support dogs go on Amtrak?

Traveling by Train

Unfortunately, Amtrak, the nations largest train operator does not recognize emotional support animals. They do allow service and therapy dogs to travel freely with their owners. You can travel with your emotional support dog on Amtrak, but it must be in a kennel and they charge a fee of $25.

How much does it cost to take a dog on Amtrak?

Pets are also allowed on the Acela express service on weekends and holidays. During the first year of the program, more than 15,000 dogs and cats traveled on Amtrak with their owners. The price for taking your pet on the rails with you is $25.

How can I take my dog on a train?

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Can I bring my dog on Greyhound?

Pet Policy

Greyhound is strict about the animals it allows on its buses. With the exception of certified service dogs, animals of any species are not permitted on any Greyhound bus, either in the cabin with the passengers or below the bus in the storage compartments.

Which Amtrak trains allow checked baggage?

Call Amtrak® at 1-800-USA-RAIL for details of service availability.

  • A maximum of four checked items are allowed per passenger.
  • 2 free checked bags, up to 50 lbs and 75 linear inches (length + width + height)
  • You may check 2 additional bags @ $20/bag.
  • Oversized baggage accepted for $20/bag (76-100 linear inches)

Can you sleep on Amtrak trains?

Planning a trip on an overnight Amtrak train? If you’re traveling overnight, the most comfortable way to go is to reserve a sleeping car room. The most affordable is a roomette, which can accommodate two people (in individual bunk beds)—so it’s more economical to travel in a sleeper with a companion.

Does Amtrak have sleeper cars?

Amtrak Sleeper Car Room Offerings

Superliner Roomette guests share restroom facilities with the other passengers of the car; however, Viewliner riders have their toilet and sink in room. Bedrooms – Offering a little more floor space than Roomettes, Bedrooms are also perfect for two travelers.