Quick Answer: Are Rats Good Classroom Pets?


Though they may not seem like a natural choice for a classroom pet, rats are a favorite among young children for their loving and affectionate nature, Dr.

Fobian says.

They’re intelligent, with easier care requirements, a better smell, and less of a tendency to bite than their mouse or hamster peers, he adds.

Do mice make good classroom pets?

Small mammals (sometimes known as “pocket pets”)—such as rabbits, chinchillas, mice, rats, and other rodents—are commonly purchased to keep in classrooms, and it’s easy to understand the initial appeal. They’re cute, furry, small, and misleadingly thought of as good “starter pets.”

Are rats considered mammals?

Rats are members of the rodent order of mammals, including guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, squirrels, and beavers. Like all mammals, they give birth to live young and nurse with milk. Rodents have continuously growing front incisor teeth, which is why they are always gnawing.

Are Bunnies good classroom pets?

Rabbits as Classroom Pets. Classroom pets are an important way to forge healthy child-pet relationships, and it’s important for teachers to educate themselves on which type of pet is best for their classroom. This means that your classroom rabbit will probably be at its most active before and after school hours.

Are sugar gliders good classroom pets?

The reasons sugar gliders do not make good classroom pets are as follows.

Do pet mice like to be held?

Taming pet mice is very possible, though it may take some patience. It can be a bit tricky to handle pet mice as they’re small and quick, but once they’re tamed, they can be picked up, handled, and can make great pets, (even for kids). It’s easiest to tame a mouse that’s relaxed and comfortable in its surroundings.

What is the best pet rodent?

Specific information about popular rodents:

  • Guinea Pigs. Guinea pigs, also known as cavies (or cavy if it is one animal), make good family pets.
  • Mice. The mouse is a popular, somewhat timid, social, intelligent and entertaining pet, but may not be for everyone.
  • Rats. Rats are a very popular family pet.
  • Hamsters.
  • Gerbils.

Are rats Fossorial?

Species can be arboreal, fossorial (burrowing), or semiaquatic. Well-known rodents include mice, rats, squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks, chinchillas, porcupines, beavers, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and capybaras. Most rodents are small animals with robust bodies, short limbs, and long tails.

Are rats insectivores?

Insectivores (Insectivora) are a group of mammals that include hedgehogs, moonrats, shrews, and moles. Insectivores are generally small mammals with nocturnal habits. There are about 365 species of insectivores alive today. Most insectivores have small eyes and ears and a long snout.

What animals look like rats?

Rodentia – gophers, mice, rats, squirrels, porcupines, beavers, chipmunks

  1. Abrocomidae (chinchilla rats)
  2. Anomaluridae (scaly-tailed squirrels)
  3. Aplodontidae (mountain beaver)
  4. Bathyergidae (mole rats)
  5. Calomyscidae (mouse-like hamsters)
  6. Capromyidae (West Indian hutias)
  7. Castoridae (beavers)