Are Guinea Pigs Allowed In Hotels?

Staying at Hotels

Some hotels are pet-friendly, and some are not.

It’s a good idea to call ahead and check whether the hotel you’re staying at will permit you to bring your guinea pig.

Some people simply sneak their guinea pig into the room.

Can guinea pigs travel?

You can’t just leave your guinea pig at home alone all day. If you want to bring your guinea pigs with you, it might be stressful to them since they don’t like to move around and travel far. It is not advisable to leave your guinea pigs unattended for more than 24 hours.

Can guinea pigs go on long car rides?

There may be some times when you have to transport your guinea pig. This could be a quick trip to the vet or a friend’s for a few days while you go away. However, cars can be dangerous places for a guinea pig (or any other small animal).

Are birds allowed in hotels?

Many hotels will accept cats, birds and other small animals. Please verify with the hotel prior to your stay as policies vary by hotel. Other pet types such as cats, birds, monkeys, snakes, or other animals are allowed at the discretion of each property and require prior approval.

Do emotional support dogs stay in hotels for free?

Unfortunately, emotional support animals are prohibited from hotels, motels, restaurants, and other business areas, especially if the respective owners raise concerns regarding them. Some hotel owners may allow you to bring your therapy dogs along. However, they may charge you additional fees for this.