Are Freshmen Required To Live On Campus At Harvard?

Housing Policy

All first-year students are required to live on campus.

Most upperclassmen also live in College housing; those who choose to live elsewhere must submit the Housing Contract Cancellation form via the Residential Portal.

Do most Harvard students live on campus?

The House System

More than 97 percent of Harvard undergrads choose to live on campus for all four years, creating a strong campus community and undergraduate experience.

Where do Freshman live at Harvard?

Every freshman is guaranteed housing and lives in one of the all-freshman dorms that are either in Harvard Yard or very near it.

How much is housing at Harvard?

The on-campus housing expense for any standard student was $10,300 in 2018 – 2019, and the cost of an average meal plan was $6,360. Get an idea of what the costs at Harvard University will likely be for dining, on-campus housing and other expenses by looking at the next table.

What are the dorms like at Harvard?


  • 1 Apley Court.
  • 2 Canaday Hall.
  • 3 Grays Hall.
  • 4 Greenough Hall.
  • 5 Hollis Hall.
  • 6 Holworthy Hall.
  • 7 Hurlbut Hall.
  • 8 Lionel Hall.

Is Harvard Worth the Cost?

Even within the prestigious Ivy League, there’s something special about Harvard University. That’s good news because a stint at Harvard doesn’t always come cheap. For the 2018-2019 academic year, the standard tuition is $46,340. Room and board and other fees bring the total price tag to a hefty $67,580.

What GPA do you need to get into Harvard?


Do you have to live on campus at Harvard?

You must live in Harvard housing your first year at the College. A very small percentage of students choose to live off-campus as upperclass students. Most students and alumni consider the House system one of the hallmarks of their Harvard experiences.

Are there dorms in Harvard?

Most dorms have suites with two to four bedrooms and a common room, and house between three and six students. All dorms and Harvard Yard are smoke-free.

What dorm did JFK live in at Harvard?

John F. Kennedy was part of Harvard Class of 1940 and lived in Winthrop House, suite F-14.