Question: Are Cruise Ship Balconies Safe For Toddlers?

It is also pretty amazing if traveling with children; you have a private place to read or relax while they are resting or napping.

But, they are also a big worry for parents.

Cruise lines are adamant about passenger safety.

Even with that said, children should never be left unattended or unsupervised on a balcony.1 Jun 2013

Are balconies safe on cruise ships?

Balconies pose a serious risk to passenger safety and have been at the center of many cruise ship accidents. We hear too often about people falling overboard from balcony staterooms, sometimes because the passenger has had too much to drink and other times because foul play was involved.29 Mar 2016

Should I take my 2 year old on a cruise?

When traveling with 2 full fare guests, additional guests in the same stateroom pay a discounted cruise fare. Children less than 2 years of age are not required to extend gratuities. Infants must be at least 6 months of age at the time of embarkation in order to sail.

Can toddlers go on cruises?

Yes, you can bring your baby with you on your cruise vacation. With the exception of some adults-only ships, most cruise lines allow you to cruise with a baby who’s six months or older. On certain itineraries — usually exotic cruises and long ocean crossings — the minimum age for kids is 1 year or older.

Can kids fall off cruise ship?

Family travel experts suggest starting with a reality check. While grown-ups have been known to fall off cruise ships, and it’s always a big news story when it happens, it’s also an extremely rare occurrence.17 Jan 2019